Brumpah Fanfares:

Brumpah Fanfares can add sparkle and class to any event with a blazing fanfare to announce and celebrate the start of your event with a blast. We perform at various events, including weddings, commercial events, and civic occasions. Some of our members have experience performing for royalty in the UK and abroad. We can provide a special musical and ceremonial touch to many types of occasions, making your event special and unique.

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Brumpah Fanfares can create personalised t-shirts and banners to represent you or your company. Whether you need a fanfare team for advertising a new product launch or celebrating a special event, we can tailor our services to meet your needs. Contact us for pricing and ideas! We also offer customised fanfare compositions. You can choose between a traditional fanfare or a more popular choice that incorporates your favourite music. The sheet music for your personalised composition can be framed and presented at your event as a special souvenir. This is particularly popular for birthdays, retirement celebrations or product launches.

Commercial Events

For Commercial Events, you could have a fanfare to:

- Announce the arrival of a VIP
- Celebrate a special theme for the event
- Announce that the meal is being served
- Introduce the guest speaker
- Launch the unveiling of a product

Weddings & Civic Events

For Weddings, we can:

- Announce the arrival of the Bride
- Create a big spectacle for the departure of the Bride and Groom
- Add class to your service and accompany Hymns
- Announce the meal and speeches
- We have also been used for comedy effect in speeches.

For Civic Events, you could have a fanfare to:

- Announce the arrival of a VIP
- Announce that the meal is being served