Brumpah Oompah

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Brumpah performs traditional "Bavarian Classics" and upbeat popular music in an "Oom-pop" style.

The band is available for performances at:

- OktoberFests
- Beer Festivals
- Corporate Functions
- Birthdays
- Weddings
- Private functions
- Any other event you can think of!
- We also offer Oompah Christmas music.

Our recent venues have included Oktoberfests at rugby clubs and nightclubs. We have also performed at weddings in fields, marquees, and barns. During the World Cup, we entertained thousands of people at England game fan zones.

We are guaranteed to entertain the audience and have everyone clapping and cheering along.

Our musicians have received training at top music institutions in the country, and some have even performed for royalty. We are passionate about performing and would be thrilled to have you clapping and singing along.

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Brumpah Brass Quintet


Brumpah Brass quintet offers performances of classical and pop music for events and weddings.

Dress code: We can perform in formal attire, including a traditional dinner jacket and bow tie, or in a more casual outfit with Brumpah T-shirts, depending on your requirements.

Repertoire: Our repertoire includes traditional wedding classics like "Here Comes the Bride" and "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba," as well as many more. We have even performed a flash mob-style rendition of "All You Need is Love," inspired by the scene from Love Actually.

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Brumpah Party


Brumpah isn't just your typical function band. We specialise in delivering high-energy performances at weddings and functions, adding a unique twist to the table. Our instrumental performances ensure a seamless and uninterrupted flow of music to keep the party going.

With an extensive repertoire of over 3 hours of music, we cater to all tastes. We have the perfect tunes to keep you and your guests singing and dancing throughout the entire night.

Whether it's a Beer Festival, Corporate Function, Birthday, Wedding, or any other private event, Brumpah is ready to transform your gathering into an unforgettable party experience.
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Brumpah Fanfares 


Brumpah Fanfares can add sparkle and class to any event by delivering a dazzling fanfare to announce and celebrate the start of your event with a bang.

We specialise in performing at a wide range of events, including weddings, commercial events, and civic occasions.

Our fanfare team members have had the honour of performing for royalty both in the UK and abroad. We can provide a distinctive musical and ceremonial touch to various types of occasions, ensuring that your event is truly special and unique.


Whether you need a fanfare team for advertising a new product launch or celebrating a special event, we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

Brumpah Fanfares can create personalised t-shirts and banners to represent you or your company.

We also offer customised fanfare compositions. You can choose between a traditional fanfare or a more popular choice that incorporates your favourite music. The sheet music for your personalised composition can be framed and presented at your event as a special souvenir. This is particularly popular for birthdays, retirement celebrations or product launches.

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For Commercial Events, you could have a fanfare to:

- Announce the arrival of a VIP
- Celebrate a special theme for the event
- Announce that the meal is being served or announce a specific course during a meal
- Introduce the guest speaker
- Launch the unveiling of a product
- Announce Award recipients
- Celebrate success

Weddings & Civic Events

For Weddings, we can:

- Announce the arrival of the Bride
- Create a big spectacle for the departure of the Bride and Groom
- Add class to your service and accompany Hymns
- Announce the meal and speeches
- We have also been used for comedy effect in speeches.

For Civic Events, you could have a fanfare to:

- Announce the arrival of a VIP
- Announce that the meal is being served

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